Next Cut Finale


The Next Cut Technology Compounds consist of homogeneous abrasive grain.

It is designed as a Superb Finishing specifically for Soft Clear Coat. Elimination of 2000 grit scratches and surface contamination is now easy and quick. Compound action can be prolonged without causing stickiness and emit low dust formation. Impressive Gloss level when finished.

FURY OG  when combined with FINALE, offers different results on Medium Hard clear coat. It is possible to refine and enhance the colour pigments and achieve in High Gloss and clarity.

Blue & Red Regular are the best combination. The blue pad could possibly remove more fine scratches on the surface in a faster time.

However, Red pad is so comfortable to the user that it feels like “Buffing” yet achieving High Gloss and removing holograms.

Blue pad is interesting to some Detailers as it helps removes fine scratches in some medium-soft clear coat in one step!

Red pad is the best partner in terms of 2nd step as it helps refine the surface easily. FINALE is the most effective in achieving High Gloss and acts as an anti-hologram compound.

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Matt Bull
The products are great

The 1.1 is a great correction compound