Next Cut 1.1 (Heavy Cut)

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 The Next Cut 1.1 Technology Compounds consist of homogeneous abrasive grain.

Designed for both Hard & Soft Clear Coat. Here's your chance to eliminate deep scratches and surface contamination quickly and easily.

Compound action can be prolonged without causing stickiness and emit low dust formation. Impressive and increased gloss level when finished.

Configure this compound with Fury Wool, Fury WT or Fury OG.

It helps remove stubborn surface contaminants easily. Save time and increase your efficiency with the right configuration. Priming the pad is necessary.

Permit the compound to work on the surface. Do not stop prematurely as it will not achieve the desired results.

 Maximize the polishing process by prolonging the compound until it fades to achieve a Higher Gloss and scratch-free surface.

Safely remove sanding marks of up to 1500grit.