FURY WT 7 Hole Pad


Best compound partner is The next cut 1.1 removes scratches & contaminants easily.

Fury Wt is compatible to Rotary, dual action & orbital as for forced rotation, application with celebrate would be recommended.

  • Colour: White (WT)
  • Colour change is possible, avoid from direct exposure to light & air.
  • Type: Open cell (Reticulated)
  • Melting & thermal decomposition range : > 180c
  • Density: 38 – 44
  • Specs: ⍉F135mm V125mm H30mm
  • Storage Conditions: Keep away from contact with an open flame or other sources of

If the surface is extremely hard and requires heavy correction, you need to prime the pad and spread to a wider area as much as possible. As the compound has a low viscosity, it spreads well. Polish and allow the compound to work on surface longer.

While polishing, if the compound begins to look waterlike, that means it is fading.  If that is noticeable, you can stop and remove.