Red Finishing Pad


Red regular is specifically made to match DK compounds to achieve and to maximise the desired results. The flat design is to ensure compounds are grinding directly with foam to maximise abrasion.

Best used for medium & soft Clear Coat or for non-aggressive polishing to remove light Scratches & buffing.

Also applicable as antihologram & waxing pad.

Best used with Next Cut Fnale to remove fine scratches & contaminants easily.

Red regular pad is compatible to Rotary, dual action & orbital.
As for forced rotation, application with celebrate would be an option.

Type : Open cell (Reticulated)
Melting & thermal decomposition range : > 180c
Density : 27 – 33
Specs : ⍉F145mm V130mm H30mm
Storage Conditions: Keep away from contact with an open flame or other sources of ignition.
Avoid elevated storage temperatures. Maintain a cool, dry, ventilated storage area.