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Detailing Kingdom is once again turning the wheels of innovation when it comes to polishing compounds.  Following on from the success of Next Cut 1.1, Next Cut 3.3 and Next Cut Finale, Detailing Kingdom has released Vision. Vision is a water based, diminishing, abrasive compound that consists of 3 sophisticated polishing grains and granules. These granules not only allow for incredible correction, being able to remove 1K sanding grit marks (when coupled with the Detailing Kingdom Fury Wool Pad), but also gives a longer work time than your traditional 'hard hitting' compounds.

When using DK Vision on softer clear coats we highly recommend the liberal use of DK Celebrate in order to reduce the temperature during polishing. Application of Celebrate is also an advantage on hard clear coats as more 'cut' can be achieved whilst still keeping the temperature low.

Detailing Kindom Vision has been designed to produce little to no dust and polish residue can be removed with absolute ease.

Due to the hard cutting ability of Vision, 'swirling' may be evident after use, this is normal when Vision is being used to remove severe defects.  It is recommended to follow up with Next Cut 1.1 or Next cut 3.3 in order to clear this and produce a high gloss finish. To further enhance the finish, Detailing Kingdom gives you the ability to go one step further and finish with DK Finale. 

Vision contains no silicone or fillers and is bodyshop safe.