Yellow Pad

Yellow regular is specifically made to match DK compounds to achieve and to maximise the desired results. The flat design is to ensure compounds are grinding directly with foam to maximise abrasion.


Best used for Hard & medium Clear Coat or for aggressive

polishing to remove Heavy Scratches.


Best compound partner is The next cut vision &1.1

removes scratches & contaminants easily.

Apply 3-5 pea size drops when using Yellow.


Yellow regular pad is compatible with Rotary, dual action & orbital.

As for forced rotation, application with celebrate would

be recommended.


Type : Closed cell (non-reticulated)

Melting & thermal decomposition range : > 180c

Density : 41 – 49

Specs : F145mm V130mm H30mm

Storage Conditions: Keep away from contact with an open flame or other sources of ignition.

Avoid elevated storage temperatures. Maintain a cool, dry, ventilated storage area.

Customer Reviews

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Matt Bull
The buff pads

We really like the compounds you have provided and the pads work well but they disintegrated in the middle of the pad after about half hour of use