Detailing has a beginning. All was dirt, dust, grime and grease. The forces of ignorance, complacency and callousness dominated the detailing universe. None had the knowledge, the spirit, and the attention for detail that was crucial to preserving the true beauty of the automobile. A car would go for a polish, and would emerge marred with more scars than Rambo after a bloody battle. It was a travesty, an insult to the cars.

A new empire rose from the ashes. In the 90s, just as one millennia was ending, a new era for car detailing arrived on the shores of Asia. These were the America and Europa technocrats, a legion of experts with product after product of sophisticated chemicals, microfibers and fancy compounds. They entrenched themselves, taking the Detailing world by storm, crushing the local opposition and establishing themselves as masters of the detailing universe. They were worshipped as the absolute best: people lined up in queues longer than Frankfurters and a will to dominate all detailing life. A product system to rule them all. Over time, the Empire became stagnant and complacent: it became content with dictating how things should be instead of imagining how things could be.

Out of this stifling environment, came the impetus for a new paradigm. Detailing Kingdom had been one of the chief architects behind these advancing wave, and he had seen it grow and develop over the years. He had trained with them, learned their ways and had seen both the good and bad of the trade. He came to a gradual realization that there existed a better way forward, a way to break out of the system and start anew. Like Neo, he chose the red pill, escaped the Matrix, and realized what the real world was.

His realization was this: more than mindless chemicals and soulless compounds, more than heartless polishes and waxes, what the automobile really needed to shine was tailored love.

Detailing Kingdom had spent his entire career in a lifelong affair with cars. While other children raced with their toy cars, He polished and washed them. He oiled them and detailed them. Cars had always been his true love. He loved them all, every curve in a car, every bolt and screw, every bulge, every nook and cranny. He would often retire to his workshop, and speak of cars. His workshop was more than an office, it was a temple, a shrine, a sacred place where cars were respected and venerated.

And borne out of this love, came the genesis of an idea for a new hope. The Asian car market was different and unique, with different needs and specific demands. Blanket solutions, or European based solutions propagated by foreign brands were insufficient to draw out the true potential of the automobiles. The models were different, the weather took a different toll on the cars, and the preferences of customers were unique. Just as the best suits must be tailored to the wearer, the best detailing solutions had to be tailored to the cars and their conditions. For years, this tailored solution eluded the Asian car market because of a lack of expertise, capital and networks.

But now, after years in the making, comes a Detailing Marvel. This is the grand quest. This is the Detailing Kingdom. This is the Next Cut.